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CLOSED FOR 7/3 and 7/4, because ‘Murica!  Have a great holiday and enjoy your weekend.  We will be back in action on Sunday 7/5.


openstudio_june20Updates: Open Studios at Keystone Artspace on Saturday, Jun 20, 6-10pm.  Come visit the building and see the work of 65+ of the resident artists here at the space.  Free and open to all.


MINORS NOW ALLOWED!!!–Just updates insurance and as of 6/4/15, we can now teach students as young as 14.  Youths age 14-18 can sign up for group classes with a participating parent (or legal guardian) or we can now accomodate private lessons at a 3:1 student/teacher ratio.

FIRST: MMW does not do testing, certification, or professional training.  If you want to get certified, go to LA Trade Tech (they’re great).

At MMW, the classes are for the community, with project-based classes in furniture-making and sculpture, and classes in specific techniques that might help you on the job or get the job done, whether that’s learning to MIG weld, TIG, or use a plasma cutter.  Classes are nights and weekends, fast-paced, and reasonably priced.  We also have open shop hours so our shop is yours (see open shop page for more info)[/col] [/cols]


We help you build projects for YOUR life, whether that’s a kitchen table you’ve always wanted, a piece of sculpture that’s been kicking around in your head, or a bbq grill that’ll get you ready for summer. And if your schedule is crazy and you can’t make a class,or if your ideas are crazy and I haven’t made the class, we also offer private and group lessons.

About the Shop

MMW is about 3000 sq feet, filled with metalworking tools: MIGs, TIGs, Oxyacetylene, 36″ shear, 24″  finger brake, horizontal and vertical band saws, benders, rollers, plasma cutter, 2 drill presses, and about 600 lbs of hand tools (not quite a ton).  And if you don’t know what those things are, we’re happy to show you.  That’s what we’re here for.  We’re not the best welders in the world, but we’re damn good teachers and willing to share our knowledge, skill, and shop with you, whether that’s teaching you to weld, make a table, or build a bicycle.


2558 N. San Fernando Rd Unit B38, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Hours: Variable.  Please email to make an appointment, or drop by during open studio hours.

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Fabrication Services

Matt Jones / MMW also provides furniture fabrication services and specializes in mechanical and electronic props, art pieces, and sets. If you have a specific project you’d like made, please contact Matt Jones directly or view the fabrication services portfolio.

MMW has capabilities in wood, metal, electronics, motors, CAD/CAM, project management, and consulting.