Welding Taster Class

Welding Taster Class (aka MIG TIG Oxy Taster Class)


Ever just want to pick up a 6000* flame torch and just see what it could do?  Or try using a glue-gun that melts steel on impact?  Sign up for our Welding Taster class and try out all three welding techniques that MMW offers, plus two forms of cutting (one is a plasma cutter, and seriously, it’s like using a James Bond tool–it’s awesome).

It’s a quick 3-hr class that covers a ton of material; not enough to go and do any of it on your own, but enough to give you a pretty good sense of what welding is all about, whether for your job or for your curiosity.  Plus you’ll get to make a cowbell, and as Christopher Walken always says, “gOtta HAve more COWbell.”

Class runs three hours, usually a Friday (7-10pm) or Saturday night (6-9pm). Cost is $80 for one person, $140 for two people.  Instructions here for signing up two people (first make sure there are two spots available).

This class has no prerequisites, though you should be comfortable around loud noises and sparks and not squeamish with power tools. You should also wear long sleeve 100% cotton or wool shirt and pants (no synthetic melty stuff) and all leather or canvas shoes (work boots, cowboy boots, vans all good, running shoes with synthetic melty stuff or clogs bad). Bring reading glasses if you need them. Other than that, I’ve got all the materials and safety gear. All participants must be 18 or older.

Sign up here:

Friday, June 12, 7-10pm 6 spots available (as of 5/2/15)
Friday, July 17, 7-10pm 6 spots available (as of 5/12/15)


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Refund/Rescheduling Policy: We hope you can make the class, but things happen.  If you need to cancel, we can refund your money 7 days ahead of the start of the class (minus a $25 registration fee).  You can reschedule the class 48 hrs before the start of the class.  There are no refunds or rescheduling 48 hrs after that.

To reschedule/cancel, log in here and select My Account

And here’s more information on the different types of welding:

We currently offer group classes in MIG, Oxyacetylene, and private classes in TIG.  MIG and TIG are forms of Arc welding, which means that they both use electricity and an electric arc to weld.  Both are much faster processes than Oxyacetylene (because that arc heats up to 7,000-10,000*F almost instantly), but both MIG and TIG have their downsides.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas, also called FCAW or SMAW for flux-core arc welding and shielded metal arc welding) is like using a hot glue gun.  Not super precise, but quick, easier because it’s largely one-handed, and great for putting things together, especially when you are just cutting and welding straight pieces.  TIG I’ll get back to in a second.

Oxyacetylene uses a flame torch (between 5,800*-6,200*F) to heat steel up and weld it together.  It’s best for material under ¼” thick but with the same tool you can cut, weld, braze (aka solder), or heat-and-bend.  Oxy is great for making curvy shapes, or wrought-iron looking things.  If you’re good, you can make really pretty welds and it’s not super-bright, so you don’t have to wear a welding helmet.  It’s pretty quiet too.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is like a combo of the above two.  It uses a super-hot arc to melt pieces together.  It’s the hardest process of them all, as well as being the most expensive (hence only one machine and only private classes).  It requires using both hands independently and using one foot to control the amperage of the arc.  Benefits of it are that it’s very precise, you can make very pretty welds, and you can even join dissimilar metals.  It’s also the best for fickle aluminum or stainless (though we can MIG aluminum in the shop).  TIG is best used on those specialty metals, or when precision and reducing grinding time are the primary factors.  Good on straight or curvy materials.