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Shop Updates From Molten Metal Works


Molten Metal Works CLOSED AS OF 12/31/2020 and will not be offering classes, lessons, fabrication or any of our past offerings.

We hope to reopen sometime in the future, but no plans as of yet.

If you are looking to learn how to weld – try College of the Canyons, LA Trade Tech or the Crucible if you are up north in Oakland.

All the Best,



I’m grateful to all of you for giving me the best damn job ever–seriously–getting to teach people who want to learn how to weld (for FUN!) are some of the best people you could ever want to spend time with.  I’m grateful to all the people who showed up in the first warehouse with plaster all over the floor and questionable bathrooms.  Or the second one, full of artist studios and great people.  Or the third and current shop, almost professional (if we ever vacuumed the carpet).  I’m grateful to all of you for bringing us projects you wanted us to help you build: whether it was a side table, a piece of yard art, or some crazy Burning Man contraption.  Thank you to all the artists letting us help you, to all the retirees looking to restore that bitchin’ camaro, or to all the other folks looking for a new hobby or career.  But I’m especially thankful to my employees, who took the leap with me and helped create a real community based around welding; you made people feel welcome, kept them safe, and taught them how to melt metal.



We will be closing on 12/10/20 for classes.  On Friday and Saturday, 12/18 and 12/19 (from 9am-3pm), we’ll be hosting the world’s second best moving sale (best one will be at the White House on 1/19/21).  I’ll be selling off most of the welding tables, a ton of welding equipment and tools, and a lot of project prototypes and shop fixtures.  You can also pick up any old projects you might still have here, or dig through our metal scrap bin one more time.  More details on that to come (including how to schedule a time) stay tuned…

I’ll be holding onto a few basics though, with the hope that I can restart in the post-covid era, starting back up with more outdoor space, space that’s a little more manageable financially, and a space that can bring back that feeling of welding cool shit with good music and good people.


Thank you for being a part of this all.  I’d love for it to continue; I know this shop is a great resource for LA, and I’ve really enjoyed building and running it; so if you’ve got ideas, a new location, or an old pic of something you built at the shop, I’d love to hear about it.  


Y’all the best.  Be well,


5 Stars on Yelp!
(42 reviews)
“Welding class last night was so much fun. Totally safe yet laid back environment. Thanks to Molten Metal Works for a kick ass time!”
— Chris A, Yelp
5 Stars on Facebook!
(40 reviews)
“We had a great time at the day-long MIG welding class. The instructors were great and so helpful. I would highly recommend it!”
— Renee G, Facebook
4.6 Stars on Google!
(15 reviews)
“Top notch staff, excellent teachers. The classes are fun, and very reasonable. Great shop and equipment. I highly recommend. Cheers!”
— Sean T, Google