Molten Metal Works, LLC

Learn to Weld and Build Projects for YOUR life
at LA’s Only Community Metal Shop


Molten Metal Works provides welding instruction and metal shop access to the community of Los Angeles.  We do not certify welders or teach you how to weld I-beams.  Instead, we focus on what most people need: how to fix a fence, build their own furniture, and how to make sculpture, chandeliers, or custom motorcycle parts.  We’ve got 4,000 square feet full of tools, the expertise to match, and a lot more patience than your seventh grade shop teacher.



We offer about 30+ different classes from absolute beginner to advanced, and projects building everything from sculpture to furniture, to fountains, to Jeep bumpers.  But to keep it short here’s a selection of upcoming classes that are perfect for getting you started.  To see the full list of classes, click here.

Requirements for all classes: We can teach about anyone to weld, but you have to be at least 14, not have a pacemaker (except for oxyacetylene), and it really helps if you can see decently in the dark (for instance, you don’t have trouble night driving).  You should also not be squeamish around power tools and sparks.  Students under 18 must bring a participating parent or guardian to group classes (and sign up for two spots).
Clothing for all classes: You will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants, both made of 100% cotton or wool, and all leather or canvas shoes (Vans, Converse, work boots, cowboy boots all good; ballet flats, clogs, running shoes, all bad).  No synthetic melty stuff.  Please bring reading glasses and something to tie your hair back if you need either.



Intro MIG: One Day Welding

The main intro class for learning to weld.  It’s a 6-hr class covering welding, grinding, and bandsaw technique.

Class Details: Class runs on Sundays and most Wednesdays from 10am-4pm, with a break for lunch. Instruction fee is $90, shop and materials fee is $110 (total $200), or bring a friend and sign up together and it’s $180 each.

More info here or see schedule and sign up below.

Welding Taster Class

3-hr super fun, hands-on class using three kinds of welders and two cutting tools to make a cowbell.  Not enough safety or technique for you to go weld on your own though.

Class Details:  Class runs 3 hours, usually on a Friday (or Sat) night.  Instruction fee is $45, materials and shop fee is $35 (total $80), or bring a friend and sign up together for $70 each.  Six students max.

More info here or see schedule and sign up below

Homeowner Bootcamp

(6) 3hr classes covering the common household repairs for owners or renters: drywall, plumbing, basic electrical, and even how to tile.


Class Details: 6 session class.  Instruction fee is $180, consumables and shop fee is $140 (total $320).  We will give you a tool list on the first class and you will be required to purchase or borrow approximately 15 tools (that you should have anyway) with a price range of $150-400 (depending on economy or first class tools). We’ll then use that tool kit for the rest of class.

More info here or see schedule and sign up below.


Intro TIG: Fridays with Precision

6-hr class intro/intermediate class teaching super-precise TIG welding technique for making clean welds.  This class is just steel, but the advanced class gets into aluminum and stainless.


Class Details:  This class runs for 6 hrs, usually 4-10pm on Fridays.  Instruction fee is $120, materials and shop fee is $130 (total $250).

More info here or see schedule and sign up below.

Make Sculpture: Oxyacetylene Torch Series

(6) 3hr classes covering hot bending, welding, brazing, and cutting with an oxyacetylene welding torch to make sculpture

Class Details: Six session class. Instruction fee is $210, Materials and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405). Six students max. 18 or older or instructor permission.

More info here or see schedule and sign up below.
Also see all the other sculpture-related classes here.

Wood and Metal Combo Classes

About seven different project-based classes combining classes in our metal shop with classes in the woodshop next door at our neighbors, Community Woodshop

Class Details: Classes vary in price and duration, but generally 2-4 session classes with prices from $250-375. 18 or older or instructor permission.

More info here or see schedule and sign up below.