MMW Gift Guide

Whether you’re the handyman or you’re buying for one, sometimes it helps to have a little guidance into what to get that special person who mends, makes, or breaks everything they get their hands on.   The great folks at Molten Metal Works (us) got your gift guide together.
First off: GIFT CARD
Eazy-Peazy.  You can let them decide what to go for with an MMW gift card that can be used for anything here: classes, open shop time, steel or safety gear.  The gift card also makes scheduling easy, because the recipient can choose when to schedule her/his class.  Get one here.

Skill Specific:

Fun lover/Collector of experiences: Friday Night Taster Class ($80)
Learn the (very) basics of a bunch of different welding tools in this fun, Friday night class making a cowbell and a bunch of sparks.  Link here

Wants to Weld: Intro MIG ($180)
A six-hour hands-on class teaching you the basics of welding using a wirefeed/MIG welder.  Great for making sculpture, making or fixing gates, or building furniture and car projects.  Link here

Creative or Artisitic: Calder Mobiles or Oxyacetylene Sculpture ($405)
Six 3-hr classes covering either how to make mobiles like Alexander Calder or how to use a 6000* flame torch to heat up, bend, and melt steel to make sculpture.  Guaranteed that they’ll learn new techniques for expressing new ideas (and watching cold hard steel turn into liquid lava is always fun). Link to Calder, Link to Oxyacetylene Sculpture

Serious Car Person: Intro TIG ($235) then Advanced TIG ($480)
TIG welding is not the fastest, easiest, or the cheapest way to weld.  But then, rebuilding your own car, motorcycle, bicycle, is not the easiest either.  But if you’re going to do your own exhaust, turbo manifold, or chassis modifications, it’s gotta be TIG.  If you’ve got one of these (im)practical people on your list, here you go. Link to Intro TIG Link to Advanced TIG

Learn to make any one of these projects in our classes.  Firepits, barstools, side/end tables, etc.  Click on the pic to learn more.


Welding Helmet
Economy: Harbor Freight $35-50 (not for TIG)
Good: Lincoln Electric Viking 1840 Helmet   (around $160-200)  Go try it on at Airgas though because some people (me) prefer the fit of Miller better.

MIG/Wire Feed Welder
Economy: Lincoln 140HD $524
good for 1/8″ and below (most smaller household projects)
Good: Miller 211 $1100

Welding Table:
Super Economy: Harbor Freight Welding Table
Good: Make your own in our Make Furniture Class (class $405 plus around $300-450 in steel).  You could do it in your own shop if you have the space, but it’s way easier to make the table dead flat using our already flat welding tables.


MMW Yard/Shop Sale: Sat, Feb 20, 10-6pm

Yard Sale 2: The Re-Yardening

After the success of our first attempt, we’re excited to offer up a second incarnation of the MMW Open Shop Yard Sale (TM). This time around, we’ll even be selling off old tools, some cool metal art, and random bits of useless garba- er, uh, we mean, super awesome stuff. Most stuff for around $5.  Saturday, Feb 20, 10am-6pm  Whole building of artists and craftspeople selling, so who knows what you’ll find.  link to facebook event page for lists of stuff starting to accumulate


Black Rock City, 2014

Black Rock City, 2014

Highlights of the metal work from Black Rock City.  Now topping out at 66,000 people, Black Rock City had it’s share of craftspeople who’ve spent the past few months and years building some truly incredible stuff.  These photos are from the daytime so that you can see how they’re constructed and see more of the detail.  At night, they turn into something completely different, as all of them light up with neon, projections, EL wire, or even propane fireballs.

All work copyright the individual artists and I’ve tried to attribute each photograph with as much detail as I could find.  If you know any more, please let me know.



Burner Bikes: Chopped and Welded

Heading to the playa? Or heading to Ciclavia? Either way, roll in style

***MMW makes no guarantees that you can ride a triple tall bike.
Learn more about our Burner Bike Building Class here.