Bring a Friend Promotion Instructions

Bring a Friend Promotion Instructions

We’re so glad you’re signing up with a friend (or two).  It makes the class a lot of fun to have the built in camaraderie, so here’s instructions on how to get the deal (it’s not intuitive, but it only takes about two extra minutes).

Basic outline: sign up one person for selected date, pay for two spots, go back and reserve a second spot.  This is written for Bring a Friend (2 people). For Bring a Friend (3 people), do it twice.

1. Select a date on the Intro MIG or Welding Taster  page that works for you.  That’ll bring up a registration page, in the Mindbody registration site.  Double check and make sure that there are two or three open spots available.  (If there’s not enough open spots, click forward or back on the week arrow and it’ll bring up future classes with enough open spots).

2. Click on the Sign Up Now button.

3. Create an account for the person paying (if you don’t already have one).

4. Click on Make a Single Reservation (we’ll add the second later).

5. What would you like to purchase->  Intro MIG Bring a Friend (2 people) -or- Welding Taster Class (2 people)

6. Check Out

7. Place Order

8. Purchase Complete (now book the other spot).  On the bottom right, it’ll say “Intro MIG Bring a Friend (2 People) 1 Remaining.”  Click on the “Book this service” button.

9. That’ll bring up the calendar.  Find the same date as the first registration and click on the “Sign Up Now” button.  Click on the “Make a single reservation” button.

10. That’ll bring up a page for My Schedule.  Double check that the date for both scheduled classes are the same.  If they’re the same, good job.  You’re done.  If they’re not the same, cancel and reschedule the second.  For three people, book the third one the same as the second.

Any questions or problems, give the shop a call at 323-333-9952.