Build a Bumper Class


(3) 6-hr classes to guide you through welding up your very own DIY bumper from a MOVE bumper kit.

In this 3 week course, we’ll start by covering or reviewing the basics from Intro MIG, covering tack welding, welding thin plate, then welding thick materials on 3/16″ plate.  Then we’ll get to grinding, finishing, and adding all the custom features that you might need: recovery points, wiring for lights, etc.

Front or rear bumpers available, but we will only make one each in this class per student.

Additional class time beyond the class may be required, but it all depends on how complex you want to make it, whether you’re adding winch mounts, towing mounts, etc.  But in any case you’re gonna have good fundamentals to get it done. And when you get it done, damn, you’ll be proud. And have that strange feeling that comes with having a bad-ass bumper–where you actually want someone to rear-end your vehicle, just to test it out.

Specs and Vehicle Requirements:  For this class, we will be doing a group purchase from MOVE Bumpers (and getting a discount, exact amount TBD).  Please review their site here:  to confirm that a kit is available for your exact vehicle.  You must sign up for the class by 7/1 so that we can order the bumpers in time to have them ready on Day 1 (7/14).  Once you sign up, we will be in contact with you to order the correct bumper and style for your vehicle.  You may also order a kit bumper from another supplier on your own, but we are most familiar with the MOVE bumpers and are confident in their build quality and fit.

Fees: Instruction fee is $180, consumables and shop fee is $180 (Total $360). Bumper kit and additional materials for trailer hitches, winches, recovery points, or lighting is not included, but we can help you source that.  If you need additional time beyond the class to finish your bumper, you can use open shop hours, however those hours are not included in the price of the class (but they’re cheap, $5-15/hr). See more info on open shop here.

Note: we do not have a vehicle lift, so no low-clearance vehicles (aka cars) for this time around.   We’ll get your drift Prius next time.

Prerequisites:  Intro MIG is not required, but it is recommended to make the most of your time building the bumper and less on practicing..  Standard clothing.  18 or older.