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COVID Update (4/18/20): We are currently closed until further notice under the LA County Safer at Home order, but are looking forward to opening up as soon as it’s safe and legal to do so (current estimated date is 5/16/2020).


The Covid Closure has hit MMW hard.  Now with the SBA funding fully allocated and we got left out of the party, I’ve created a few other ways to help MMW get through the closure

If you’ve never welded before, start here for information about the different welding types and pros and cons of each.

Requirements for all classes: We can teach about anyone to weld, but you have to be at least 14, not have a pacemaker (except for oxyacetylene), and it really helps if you can see decently in the dark (for instance, you don’t have trouble night driving).  You should also not be squeamish around power tools and sparks.  Students under 14-17 must bring a participating parent or guardian to group classes (and sign up for two spots).

Clothing for all classes: You will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants, both made of 100% cotton or wool, and all leather or canvas shoes (Vans, Converse, work boots, cowboy boots all good; ballet flats, clogs, running shoes, all bad).  No synthetic melty stuff.  Please bring reading glasses and something to tie your hair back if you need either.

Refund/Rescheduling policy here.

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Class Calendar for the next 6 months.  If the class does not have a sign up button, it is filled up.  Click on the class title to bring up a description of the class.  Open shop happens Wednesday through Sunday, but that’s on a separate calendar.