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If you’ve never welded before, start here for information about the different welding types and pros and cons of each.

Requirements for all classes: We can teach about anyone to weld, but you have to be at least 14, not have a pacemaker (except for oxyacetylene), and it really helps if you can see decently in the dark (for instance, you don’t have trouble night driving).  You should also not be squeamish around power tools and sparks.  Students under 14-17 must bring a participating parent or guardian to group classes (and sign up for two spots).
Clothing for all classes: You will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants, both made of 100% cotton or wool, and all leather or canvas shoes (Vans, Converse, work boots, cowboy boots all good; ballet flats, clogs, running shoes, all bad).  No synthetic melty stuff.  Please bring reading glasses and something to tie your hair back if you need either.

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Intro MIG: One Day Welding

The main intro class for learning to weld.  It’s a 6-hr class covering welding, grinding, and bandsaw technique.

Class Details: Class runs on Sundays and most Wednesdays from 10am-4pm, with a break for lunch. Instruction fee is $90, shop and materials fee is $90 (total $180).

Requirements:  There are no prerequisites for this class.  Standard clothing.

Special promotion: Bring a Friend.  Sign up with a friend/spouse/coworker/archnemesis and get $20 off each person’s registration.  Must sign up together, under one payment, to get the deal however. Instructions on how to sign up two or more people (it’s more complicated than it should be, sorry, but this link opens in a new window for reference).

Welding Taster Class

3-hr superfun, hands-on class, testing tools and making a cowbell

  Three hour Friday night class making sparks and making a cowbell, and as Christopher Walken always says, “gOtta HAve more COWbell.”

Class Details:  Class runs 3 hours, usually on a Friday (or Sat) night.  Instruction fee is $45, materials and shop fee is $35(total $80).  Bring a Friend Special: sign up together for $140 ($70 each).  Instructions on getting the deal here.  Six students max.

Requirements: No experience or prerequisites required.  Standard clothing.


Intro TIG: Fridays with Precision

6-hr class intro/intermediate class teaching super-precise TIG welding technique

Welding with TIG is a lot like driving a Ferrari: it’s precise, powerful, and difficult to do really well (except I haven’t driven a Ferrari). It requires the use of both hands and one foot and expensive machines. But it’s worth it. With TIG you can make beautiful welds on steel, stainless, aluminum, chromoly, bronze, copper, titanium, magnesium–you get the idea.

Class Details:  This class runs for 6 hrs, usually 4-10pm on Fridays.  Instruction fee is $120, materials and shop fee is $130 (total $250).  This class also comes with an open shop session for 4 hours to continue practicing your technique and a pair of TIG welding gloves.


Patinas: Beautiful Rust

3-hr class to learn to make beautiful finishes on steel and faux finishes on everything else

Class Details:  This class happens twice a year, May and October, with the next one coming up on Sept 19, 2017.  Cost is $45 for the instruction fee.  Kits containing many of the discussed chemicals will be available for sale for $50 each, purchasable day of class (not required).  We will primarily be using sculpt nouveau patinas, so if you want to do some research beforehand, take a look at their site here.

Requirements: No experience or prerequisites required.


Make Sculpture: Oxyacetylene Torch Series

(6) 3hr classes covering hot bending, welding, brazing, and cutting with an oxyacetylene welding torch

Learn to Oxyacetylene weld and use this civilized technique to create sculpture. What’s so civilized about it? It’s a visually beautiful process and really powerful, using the same tool to make gorgeous welds, bend smooth curves, and then cutting through 1″ plate.

Class Details: Six session class. Instruction fee is $210, Materials and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405). Six students max. Note about wait lists.

Requirements: No prerequisites or experience required. Standard clothing. 18 or older or instructor permission.



Moving Sculpture: Mechanical Confections

(6) 3hr classes welding five sculptures that illustrate fundamental mechanisms for making things move

When you make a sculpture that moves, you make a living sculpture. We’re going to spend six weeks in this class, bringing things to life.  We’ll cover cams, pistons, 4-bar linkages, levers, bearings–a whole lot and we’ll make 5 different moving projects (including a flying bird sculpture).  If you’ve ever seen a moving or kinetic sculpture and wanted to learn how to make it, this is the class.   And to get your inspiration flowing, here’s a video gallery of the projects we make in the class: LINK

Class Details: Six session class building five different kits emphasizing different mechanisms each week (four are take-home).  Instruction fee is $210, Materials and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405)  Note about wait lists.

Requirements: No prerequisites or experience required. Standard clothing. 18 or older or instructor permission.

Chandelier Making Class

(6) 3hr classes to build your own lamp or chandelier

An epic class, learning to weld, wire for electricity, and do a bunch of tube bending. Whether your style is wrought iron or modernist, we’ve got the tools and ability to help you realize a beautiful light fixture for your space.

Class Details: Six session class building one predesigned lamp base and one personal project.  Three basic sockets are included, but fancy edison bulbs or brass sockets are not.  Instruction fee is $210, Materials and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405)  Note about wait lists.

Requirements: No prerequisites or experience required. Standard clothing. 18 or older or instructor permission.


Alexander Calder Mobile Making

(6) 3hr classes covering the major mobile types and developing your own fantastic mobile

In this six week class, were going to make like Calder and make some mobiles. Either big or small, up to you, but we’ll build them big or small using a variety of hot and cold tools. There will be jigsaws for curvy cuts, jump shears for straight cuts, band saws for not-so-curvy cuts, and expert advice for short cuts.

Class Details: Six session class building three instructional mobiles and one personal project. Project materials for most projects under 4′ are included in the materials fee.  Note about wait lists.

Requirements: No prerequisites or experience required. Standard clothing. 18 or older or instructor permission.

Homeowner Bootcamp

(6) 3hr classes covering the common household repairs for owners or renters

Gotta get handy real quick?  Come learn the basics of repairs that you’ll need to know when you’re owning a house (or needing to make repairs on a rental).  We’ll go through the the minimum tool arsenal every one should own, their use, and then use that tool kit to make our repairs.

Class Details: 6 session class.  Instruction fee is $180, consumables and shop fee is $140 (total $320).  We will give you a tool list on the first class and you will be required to purchase or borrow approximately 15 tools (that you should have anyway) with a price range of $150-400 (depending on economy or first class tools). We’ll then use that tool kit for the rest of class. Note about wait lists.

Requirements: Ages 14 or older.  Minors must sign up with a participating parent (or guardian) and sign up for two spots.  Standard clothing (though short sleeves okay).

Motors and Electromechanics

(6) 3hr classes covering electronics, motors, and all sorts of electro-mechanical systems.  We can get technical and geek out over math, but it’s not required.

Class Details: Six session class.   Instruction and Materials fee is $405.  Limit of six people.  Note on waitlists.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class, but it helps if you’ve had some power tools experience so we can jump right into projects.  18 or older.  No welding in this class, but we will be using soldering irons.

Sketchup for Furniture Design

(1) 3hr class teaching you to use the free Google Sketchup Make design software.

Whether or not you can draw, designing in 3D can be tricky. Sketchup helps you figure out what your furniture will look like before you build it, so you can decide whether 1” square tube or 1.5” square tube will look better as a table base. In this one-night class, we’ll show you the basics for how to get from a napkin sketch of a table to a 3D rendering of that table in your living room. Note: this is a different class that our CNC plasma cutter class.  This one will help you with Sketchup basics, but we will not be making cut-ready files.

Class Details:  Instruction fee is $75.  Limit of seven people.

Requirements: Must bring a laptop with Sketchup already loaded and tested and ready to go (link to download page).  3 button mouse is HIGHLY recommended. $6.99 on Amazon

(the) Hague Table

(3) 3-hr classes to learn to make this beautiful table inspired by Danish Design. Available with a glass or MARBLE top

Learn to use an oxyacetylene torch to heat steel to around 2000* when it’s glowing red hot, then bend it like taffy. Then learn to use a MIG welder to weld those steel rods into the beautiful table shown above. Finally, take your table home and rejoice that you made something incredible with your bare hands (and a whole bunch of power tools).

Class Details: 3-session class.  Instruction Fee: $180, Materials and Shop Fee: $125 for glass top $335 for marble top.  Total $305 glass, $415 marble FIRST RUN SPECIAL $275 glass, $385 marble

Requirements: No experience or prerequisites required.

CNC Plasma Cut Pendant Lamp

(3) 3hr classes to teach you the basics of CAD with Fusion 360, exporting to the CNC plasma cutter, and making a lampshade for a lamp or chandelier.

Hooray, the CNC plasma class is back with a three session class taking you through basic design with Fusion 360, exporting to a cuttable .DXF file, cutting it on the plasma cutter, and finally, welding it all together into a pendant lamp or lamp shade.Class Details: 3 session class making 1 lamp shade (12″ x 12″ x 12″ approx).  $200 (class fee) + $75 (materials and shop fee) = $275. Six students max..  FIRST RUN CLASS PRICE $260

Requirements: No experience or prerequisites required, but you’ll get more out of the class if you have some welding experience (Intro MIG recommended).  Laptop running the latest version of Fusion 360 MUST be installed prior to the first class.  3-button mouse required.  $7 on Amazon.

Wood & Metal Combo Classes

Combine woodworking and metalworking together in these multi-session classes where we will guide you through building some really beautiful projects, by partnering with our neighbors Community Woodshop.


W&M Combo: Hairpin Stool/Side Table Class

(2) 3-hr classes to build a beautiful stool using welding and woodworking.

Class Details:  $150 (class fee) + $125 (materials and shop fee) = $275.  Six students max. 18 or older.

Wood and Metal: Bar Stool Class

(2) 3-hr classes to build a beautiful stool using welding and woodworking

Class Details:  $150 (class fee) + $125 (materials and shop fee) = $275.  Six students max.

live_edge_tableLive Edge Table with Bent Steel Legs

(2) 3-hr classes building a nice slab side table using woodworking and welding

Class Details:  $150 (class fee) + $125 (materials and shop fee) = $275.  Six students max.

plywood_side_tableWood and Metal: Industrial Modern End Table

(2) 3hr classes building the sweet table shown left

Class Details:  $150 (class fee) + $125 (materials and shop fee) = $275.  Six students max.

W&M: Mid-Century Coffee Table

(6) 3-hr classes to build a modern classy coffee table using welding and woodworking

ON HOLD.  Will return Fall 2017

W&M: Scotch & Soda Table

(4) 3-hr classes to build a modern classic steel and walnut table.

Class Details: $160 (class fee) + $230 (materials and shop fee) = $390. Six students max.  FIRST RUN PRICING = $340

Intermediate Classes


Intermediate MIG: Make Furniture

(6) 3hr classes to learn how to design and build your own piece of furniture.

Come to MMW and start building a dining room table, a outdoor patio set, a firepit, or whatever that thing is that your place has been wanting, nay, demanding!

Class Details: 6 session class, usually Tuesday Nights and sometimes Saturday Mornings.  Consumables and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405) Class price does not include material for your project (so you can make it however big or small you’d like). Six students max. Note about wait lists.

Requirements: Must have taken Intro MIG to cover MIG welding and grinding technique.  Standard clothing.  18 or older.



Steel Stools: Tube Bending

(2) 3hr classes to learn how to use our three bending machines en route to making a stool

In this two night class, we’ll cover how to use all the bending machines in the shop. We’ll cover how to use all three of our major bending machines: the JD tubing bender, the HF tubing roller, the ring roller, the compact bender, and some hot bending. Also covered will be tube notching, some welding, and some fine sitting.

Class Details: Instruction fee is $80, materials fee is $100 (total $180). Six students max. Happens about 4 times/year. Standard clothing.

Requirements:Must have taken intro MIG class to cover welding and grinding technique.

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Fire Pit Class

Ignite your backyard parties and kindle cozy nights: nothing sets the mood like a fire pit.  Warmth, light, and cookability–those cavemen really knew what they were doing.  And soon you will too, with our three session class in which we will CNC plasma cut your design and you’ll weld it up iron age style–what a step in progress.

Class Details: We will first practice welding, covering the basics welding on thick steel, then we will show you how to position, jig, clamp, and weld up your project.  You can choose one of three base designs that we will have ready for you on the first day of class.  Select your base design and material thickness here.  From the base design, you can customize it–add in a foot rail, a grill for cooking, or even plasma cut in your fancy details.  Instruction fee is $90, material and consumables fee is $170 (total $260).  Add $40 for 3/16″ steel.

Requirements: Due to the high heat and welding positions involved in this class, students are required to wear head cover (baseball hat or bandana will work) and thick sleeves (flannel and up will work), in addition to the standard clothing. Helmets, gloves and heat shields will be provided.  Participants must have taken Intro MIG.

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returns Oct 2017 to get you ready for fall nights…

Make a Custom Mailbox

(3) 3hr Classes helping you build a custom mailbox, with emphasis on creating a beautiful finished and patinaed product

We’ll start by cutting out the pieces for your mailbox on our CNC plasma cutter–customizing your mailbox with your name or address (or a note to the mailman, like “no bills”).  Then we’ll go through how to jig it up to hold it straight, how to weld it, and spend a bunch of time showing you exactly how to finish it.  We’ll go through all the steps professionals would do so you can learn how to apply our favorite cold patina, then how to make sure it won’t rust.  We’ll wrap up with with instructions on how to install it, whether you want to sink a post into cement or attach it onto a vertical wall.
Class Details: Choose one of two designs and we will cut out your pieces on our CNC plasma cutter, to include your personal address number. Whether you choose MIG or TIG, this class will advance your skills in welding out of position and fabrication.  Instruction fee is $120, materials and consumables fee is $80 (total $200).
Requirements: If you choose MIG welding you must have taken Intro MIG, and if you choose TIG, you must have taken Intro TIG.  Standard clothing
Returns for Spring 2018

Garden Fountains

Normally, you’d want to keep water and steel away from each other. This is not a normal class. CorTen steel is specially forged to rust only on the outside, forming a beautiful patina that will last for years of use in even the wettest environments. What better way to use it than in a fountain!

Class Details: Six week class covering the principles of fountain design, construction, basic metallurgy of CorTen alloys, and how to cut, weld, and form this amazing material.  The first two sessions will involve assembly of  a simple, pre-cut fountain kit, and the next four will be a guided build of your very own water feature (we’ve designed three different styles to get you going). If you have a design in mind other than one of the three main types we’ll offer, you can discuss it with the instructor, and may be able to build something truly unique.

Instruction fee is $210, Consumables and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405)  FIRST RUN PRICE $350 Class price includes steel and a pump for your project under 2′ (but if you want to make a garden geyser go ahead).  Six student max.    Note about wait lists.

Requirements: Intro MIG is a prerequisite for this class, so that we can get to welding and grinding on day one.  18 or older.  Standard clothing.



Returns for Spring 2018



Chopper Bikes & Ciclavia Style

(6) 3hr classes to build your own chopped and welded mutant bicycle

Going out to the playa, getting ready for the next Ciclavia, or just want to bring some more style to your ride?  Come create a distinguished and distinguishable looking steed in this class!  We’ll take a steel bicycle and chop it apart, weld sections in, and take more out, to create a one-of-a-kind ride that’ll be distinguished and stylish for the street, beach, or desert.
Class Details: Class will run on six consecutive Thursday nights, 7-10pm, starting April 13, 2017.  Instruction and Materials fee is $405.  Materials for modifying bicycles will be provided, but you’ll have to bring your own steel frame bicycle (test with a magnet) and any specific bike parts you might want to add on.  There will be plenty of regular steel tube to weld in too. Limit of six people.  Class happens once per year.  Note on waitlists.
Prerequisites: Intro MIG is no longer a prereq for this class, but it is recommended to make the most of your bicycle making time.  18 or older.  Standard clothing.


Available by private lesson.  Contact us for more details.

Build a Bumper

(6) 3hr classes to learn and build your own truck or SUV bumper

In this 6 week course, you’ll learn the basics of bumper design and construction, work with up to 5 other students as a team to build a bumper for a Toyota Tacoma, and then design and construct your very own bumper.

Class Details: Class will run on six consecutive Saturday mornings,9am-noon, starting July 15, 2017.  Instruction and Materials fee is $350.  Materials fee covers consumables and team-build bumper, but does not include materials for your own bumper.  Additional material costs will vary depending on a number of design factors, but generally range from $100 to $250.  Additional open shop time may be required for more complex designs (not included).  Class happens once per year.  Note on waitlists.

Prerequisites:  Participants must have taken Intro MIG.  Standard clothing.  18 or older.

Gate Design

(3) 3hr classes to learn the rules of design and the laws of LA for designing, building, and installing a gate.

In the Gate Design class, we’ll cover the laws of LA and take you through the steps of designing and building a gate for your passageway. We’ll cover a bunch of rules, team build a gate, then practice installing the gate on all the materials you might encounter: cinder block, brick, metal, and wood.

Note: This is a hands-on class, but we will not be building your individual gates during this class. Instead, we’ll show you how and talk through your designs so you can learn how to proceed (the building is not the hard part). Afterwards, you can build your own gate during open shop. You can make it simple or complex, modern or medieval. And if the three class sessions aren’t enough, Imerio will be available for private lessons and site-visits to help you figure out how to get your gate got.

Class Details: Class will run on 3 consecutive Monday nights, 7-10pm.  Instruction and materials fee: $180.  Materials for shop project are included. Materials for personal gate is not (allows you to make whatever you want, estimating about $1.50/linear foot of steel tube).  Class limit of 8 people. Note on waitlists.

Prerequisites:  Participants must have taken Intro MIG.  Standard clothing.  18 or older.


Three Monday Nights, June 5-19, 7-10pm (Imerio) (Returns Jan 2018)

Advanced Classes

Advanced MIG Welding Series

(3) 3hr classes covering mig welding of thin sheet, thick plate, aluminum, and flux-core MIG welding (INTERMEDIATE MIG IS NOT A PREREQUISITE)

Class Details: 3 session class. Instruction fee is $120, materials and shop fee is $90 (total $210).

Requirements: Due to the high heat and welding positions involved in this class, students are required to wear head cover (baseball hat or bandana will work) and thick sleeves (flannel and up will work), in addition to the standard clothing. Helmets, gloves and heat shields will be provided.  Participants must have taken Intro MIG. Intermediate MIG is not required as a prerequisite, but you should remember our circle technique from day 1.

Advanced TIG Welding

(6) 3hr class series covering advanced tig welding technique revisiting mild steel and introducing stainless and aluminum

A six-session class to get you making quality welds on the three major metals: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  We’re going to spend two nights on each material.  First class each week covers the technical details: how to set up the machine, technique, metallurgy.  Second night is practice, practice, practice.
Class Details: This class will run about three times per year, alternating sessions of teaching and heavy practice. Instruction fee is $240, materials and shop fee is $360, total $600.  Reduced price of $480.  Five students max.  Note about wait lists.
Prerequisites: This is an advanced TIG welding class.  It is not for certification, but the teacher is TIG certified.  Intro TIG is a required prerequisite.

Advanced Sculpture: Oxy + MIG

 (6) 3hr classes learning a variety of sculpture techniques in an art school-styled class with critique and discussion using both Oxyacetylene and MIG welding.

Class Details: Class cost is $180 instruction fee, $225 materials and shop usage fee. Materials for personal project budgeted at $50, with students responsible for overages. Ages 18 and older. Class limit of six.

Requirements: Oxyacetylene sculpture required. Intro MIG is recommended but not required.  Ages 18 or older, or permission of the instructor.

Bicycle Framebuilding

 (6) 3hr classes learning to build your own bicycle frame

Learn to build your own cro-moly lugged bicycle frame, road, mountain, fixed, or fixed mountain (you beast).
Class Details: 6-session class, over 8 weeks, with 10hrs of open shop included.  Consumables included in price, but frame materials (lugs, tubes, dropouts, etc) are not.  Instruction Fee: $360, Materials and Shop Fee: $150 = $510.  SECOND RUN CLASS SPECIAL: $450 


BSA: Welding Merit Badge

(1) 4-hr class completing the BSA Welding Merit Badge
Complete the requirements for the new BSA Welding Merit Badge in this one-day, 4-hour class introducing the basics of MIG welding, safety involved, and careers and applications of the technology.
Class Details: (1) 4-hr class, from 8am-12 noon, on Saturday, August 27.  This class will be offered in conjunction with the Verdugo Council, subsidizing it from $50 to $30.  Since the class is offered at cost, there will be no makeups or refunds for missed classes.  Maximum of 11 students.  Note about wait lists.
Class Requirements: Participants will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants, all cotton material, and wear all leather or canvas shoes. No melty synthetic stuff.  Ages 12 and up.  Parents will be required to submit a signed completed waiver for each child participating.  Printouts will be available at the shop, or feel free to bring a printed out copy with you (email for copy).


on hold until July 2017



cnc_plasmaCNC Plasma Cutting Class

Learn to cut computer files on our Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter.
For this class, we’re going to learn how to create a basic Google Sketchup file, import into the Torchmate CAD software, work a little magic, and then cut it out of steel plate using our CNC plasma cutter.  We will be making a house number plate for your house for this class, cut of 1/8″ steel plate approximately 6″ x 11″ (depends on how many numbers we will need).
Pricing for cutting afterwards will be $20 plus material costs to start, with guided cutting sessions on weds 1-10pm.

Class Details:  Class is one 3-hr session.  Instruction fee $60, materials and studio fee $20 (total $80).  Limit of six people.

Prerequisites: Must bring laptop with Google Sketchup installed and operational. Test run it before class to make sure you have a functional verison.  A 3-button mouse is highly recommended for any 3D design. Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.  Most of the class will be in the classroom, but we will be in the shop for the final hour, cutting our pieces.


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On hold–Sketchup updated and crucial exporting plugin no longer supported

Found Metals & Mixed Media

(3) 3hr classes covering how to join found metals using a variety of hot and cold connection techniques

The world is full of scrap, junky metal that could be transformed into gorgeous, fine art sculpture furniture treasure (if only you knew how).  Well you bring the metal and the eye for finding such pieces, and we’ll bring the know-how to cover how to join your metal, whether that’s with cold connections: JB weld, rivets, wire wrapping, tap-and-die; or with hot connections: mig welding, spot welding, brazing, soldering….etc.  Oh there’s a world out there awaiting, and we’ll show you how to do it safely and securely.
Class Details: Three session class. Instruction fee is $120, Materials and shop fee is $70 (Total: $190). Six students max. Note about wait lists.

Requirements: No prerequisites or experience required. Standard clothing. 18 or older or instructor permission.



To return Sept 2017, I think