Welding Classes By Photos: Photo Tour

Classes By Photos

If you’re curious about what can be made here, or just browsing, here’s a selection of galleries grouped by the class in which they were made.

Intro MIG: One Day Welding

6-hr class covering MIG welding, grinding, and bandsaw operation.  Gets you qualified to use open shop hours too!

Intermediate MIG: Make Furniture

(6) 3hr classes teaching you how to design and build your own piece of furniture: table, bench, etc….

Make Sculpture: Oxyacetylene Torch Welding

(6) 3-hr classes covering hot bending, welding, brazing, and cutting with an oxyacetylene welding torch.

Sculpting With MIG

(6) 3hr Classes teaching sculpture concepts, like positive and negative space, taught like an art school class with projects based off work by famous artists

Chandeliers Class

(6) 3hr Classes Building a Lamp or a Chandelier, covering wiring and welding

Alexander Calder Mobiles Class

(6) 3-hr classes building three different kinds of mobiles

Home Decor Heptathalon

(6) 3-hr classes learning to use a variety of hand and power tools while building useful and fun stuff for the home (or gifts)


Moving Sculpture

(6) 3-hr classes teaching you the basics of cranks, cams, four-bar linkages, etc, while building up five different projects, each instructive and super fun.

Saturday Night Special: Desktop Balancing Sculpture

2-hr class building a desktop balancing sculpture

Saturday Night Special: Custom Address Plaque

2-hr class building a custom address plaque either for you or someone who’s house you can’t find.