You know what they say: There’s no family bonding quite like literally bonding steel as a family! Well, ok, maybe nobody says that, but it’s still true. Sure, you could take your kids to see another superhero sequel… OR you could use real actual welding machines to weld together a real actual steel dinosaur — no experience of any kind required!

In our first family-focused class, we’ll teach you and your kids how to tack weld steel using a MIG Welder, which is an electric arc welder that works basically like a hot glue gun for steel, and then y’all will work together to assemble and weld your very own triceratops! Not only will you all get exposure to welding, which is an incredibly useful real life skill, but the project itself makes for great family time. And the best part about a steel dinosaur? It needs way less food than a real dinosaur.

Class Details: This is a kid and parent class (all kids must be accompanied by a parent). Ages 12 and up. This class runs for 3 hrs, usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Cost is $85/parent child pair. If you’d like to bring a second child, $110 for all three.

Prerequisites: This class has no prerequisites, though you should be comfortable around loud noises and sparks and not squeamish with power tools. You should also wear long sleeve 100% cotton or wool shirt and pants (no synthetic melty stuff) and all leather or canvas shoes (work boots, cowboy boots, vans all good, running shoes with synthetic melty stuff or clogs bad). Bring reading glasses if you need them. Other than that, I’ve got all the materials and safety gear.

Standard Clothing: You will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants, both made of 100% cotton or wool, and all leather or canvas shoes (Vans, Converse, work boots, cowboy boots all good; ballet flats, clogs, running shoes, all bad).  No synthetic melty stuff.  Please bring reading glasses and something to tie your hair back if you need either.

Refund/Rescheduling Policy: We hope you can make the class, but things happen.  If you need to cancel, we can refund your money 7 days ahead of the start of the class (minus a $25 registration fee).  You can reschedule the class 7 days before the start of the class.  There are no refunds or rescheduling after that 7 day window.