Firepits Class

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Ignite your backyard parties and kindle cozy nights: nothing sets the mood like a fire pit. Warmth, light, and cookability–those cavemen really knew what they were doing. And soon you will too, with our three session class in which we will CNC plasma cut your design and you’ll weld it up iron age style–what a step in progress.



Class Details:We will first practice welding, covering the basics welding on thick steel, then we will show you how to position, jig, clamp, and weld up your project. You can choose one of three base designs that we will have ready for you on the first day of class. Select your base design and material thickness here. From the base design, you can customize it–add in a foot rail, a grill for cooking, or even plasma cut in your fancy details. Instruction fee is $60, material and consumables fee is $170 (total $230). Add $40 for 3/16″ steel.


Prerequisites: Must have taken Intro MIG to cover MIG welding and grinding technique.  Standard clothing.  18 or older or instructor permission.


Firepit Designs

Possible designs we will cut for you and have ready first day of class

And any of these designs can be cut out of 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick steel.  From this base design you can also add your own custom touches–foot rail, plasma cut accents, grill….

Thicker plate is heavier and more durable (heat and weather), while thinner will be more transportable.

Height: 12”

Length & width: 30”

Weight: 122 lb (⅛”) and 183 (3/16”)

3/16″ adds $40 to material cost.