Gift Certificates

gift_certificateGift Certificates


If you’ve got someone handy with a wish list (or you wish they were more handy), welding classes are the perfect gift.  Just about everyone wants to increase their skill set and learning to work with metal is usually high on the list.  With a gift certificate, you can present them with either a class, or a dollar amount, and gift certificates can be used for classes, open shop hours, or even material at Molten Metal Works.

Our offerings right now are Intro MIG class ($225) or the Intro TIG Class ($265), so gift cards are available in those two preset amounts, but you can also choose a custom amount. We hope to be back in 2021 with our full roster of classes, and the gift certificate possibilities will open up.

You’ll have a chance to write up a gift message, select when the recipient will be emailed about the gift card, and select an image.  If you’d prefer to print something out and hand it to them, use the awesome one below.

Purchase the gift card here

Feel free to download the nifty image below to give to the person if you’re a last minute gifter.  We can fill in the details later.

Purchase Requirements: all recipients should be over 18 years old, should not have a pacemaker, and should be able to see moderately well in the dark (we’ll be welding with dark lenses on).  Gift cards are not returnable and recipients are not guaranteed a spot in any class; they’ll have to sign up for their class when they cash in their gift card.  Only balances below $10 are redeemable for cash.  That’s it though.

To redeem the gift card, please email or call the shop at 323-333-9952 and we’ll set you up with the right class at the right time.

Printable Gift Certificate