Monthly Membership to MMW

Monthly Membership to MMW


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Starting in April, we’re going to be expanding the monthly membership options and formalizing some of the informal benefits of being a monthly member.  All the same rules of open shop apply (safety, signup, and storage), but now we will offer a few more benefits, all for the same $90/mo, but now there will be a $100 set-up fee to start new memberships (which comes with an $80 toolkit).

 Hours: you will automatically receive 25 hours in your account every month to use for open shop hours. The month starts on the day you sign up, so it might be the 1st or it might be the 24th.  Doesn’t matter.  If you go over the 25 hours, you can purchase additional punch cards at the regular rates (which are still pretty cheap at $100/10hrs or $250/40hrs).  Hours do not rollover.

Setup Fee: starting in April 2015, there will be a set up fee of $100 to start a new monthly membership.  This comes with the $80 tool kit full of your own personal safety glasses, work gloves, ear muffs, full grinding wheel set, sharpie, and tool box.  We will be getting MMW welding jackets soon, so that’ll eventually be included (for a little bit more).  This fee also covers the setup fee to get you on the MMW website, explained below.

Web Portfolio: we are building a new page on the website where you will be able to post five images of your work to show to potential clients.  I get a lot of emails asking MMW to build this or that, a lot more that we can build.  Now there will be a page that I can direct them to, with a page of all the monthly members, for your images, contact information, and a link to your own website (if you have one).  Those five images can also be projects you’ve created for sale (though you’ll have to negotiate the transaction with the client yourself).  There will also be a small charge if you want to change out the images, but that’s because it’s more work.  There will also be a page for clients to post bid requests and project requests, accessible only to monthly members.

Ordering Material: along with the portfolio site, we’re also building an online store where you can pre-order material to be delivered to the shop.  You can buy sticks of 10′, or get custom cuts.  You can order sheet metal custom cut to your dimensions (max 80lbs).  Orders must be finalized and paid by noon on Tuesday to be on the delivery truck Wednesday.  That truck comes sometime Weds, 9am-2pm, and you can pick it up then.  If you want to get some dimensional piece that’s not in our online store, get an online quote from Industrial Metal Supply, and forward it to Eric ( to include in the order, we will then call you Tuesday morning to take payment over the phone.  We will mark it up 20% to cover sales tax, credit card fees, and a small handling charge, which works out to be about what you’d pay anyway, since we get better deals for ordering in bulk.  Keep in mind that IMS usually takes about 1-2 days to get back to an online quote request, so plan ahead.  Max for anything ordered, 12′ long, 80lbs, per piece.

Restrictions:  Monthly memberships are available with a 3 month minimum commitment.  We will keep a credit card to autopay monthly.  If you wish to cancel after those three months, 30 days notice is required and I can turn off your autopay.  If you’re going away for a bit, we can suspend your membership for 2 months per year every year, with 30 days notice (to catch the autopay before it bills you that month).

Open Shop General Rules below:

Standard Hours:

Monday: Shop Closed
Tuesday: 1pm-6pm
Wednesday: 1pm-10pm
Thursday: 1pm-6pm
Friday: 1pm-6pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm, Noon-6pm starting 4/1/15
Sunday: Closed for classes

Getting Started:

To get started with open shop, you must have taken a class (intro MIG, oxyactetylene sculpture, or a private class–Taster class does not count) or had a safety checkout for each tool set you’d like to use.

If you’ve taken a class:

You can either show up to open shop hours (hours above) and purchase a pass in person, or you can sign up online and register for open shop hours.  If you register online, you can reserve a table and be sure there’s space (particularly helpful on Weds and Saturdays).  You can also drop in and use any table that’s not reserved, either with or without a punch card.  Hourly rate is $15/hr, and punch cards are $100/10hrs, $250/40hrs, or monthly for $90/mo.  Please note that if you sign up for a reservation, we will deduct the hours from your punch card or monthly total whether or not you show up (or if you’re late), so please under book or cancel 24 hrs ahead of time.  Please also read all the info below for safety, policies, and clothing required.

If you haven’t taken a class:

You will be required to prove competent technique and safe usage before being allowed to use the toolset desired (MIG, TIG or Oxy).  Plasma cutter , grinding, band saw, and jump shear are included in that safety checkout, depending on your needs.  The safety checkout takes about an hour per toolset, and we’d like to do it one-on-one, so please email to schedule an appointment.  You do not need to be an expert welder to pass the test, but we need to feel you can operate the toolset safely without direct supervision.  It also gives us a chance to show you the shop, where tools are kept, and how to keep lawyers and insurance happy.  After you pass the safety checkout, you can purchase a pass in person or go hourly.  You must have taken a formal class either at MMW or a community college to expect to pass the Oxyacetylene test, since that toolset is difficult and potentially very hazardous.  Please also read up on the policies, safety, and clothing required too.


Tool Usage:

You must have taken a class at MMW or passed the safety checkout for any tool you wish to use during open shop hours.  Safety checkouts are $25 per technique (MIG or TIG) and we will expect you to know what you are doing with no refreshers.  If we do not feel confident you are capable of using the tools without guidance, you will fail the safety checkout and there are no refunds.  Staff of MMW have final say in this matter.  And just a warning, safety checkout for Oxyacetylene is very difficult.  We have to keep you safe and the shop running.

Grinding Wheels are No Longer Free:

Gasses, steel wire, and steel filler rod will be included for the open shop sessions.  Scrap material (under 3’ in length, or in the recycling bin) is free to use.  Grinding wheels will no longer be free and O-shoppers are expected to bring or purchase their own work gloves, safety glasses, N95 dust masks, and sound ear-muffs.  All of these will be available for purchase at reasonable prices . Welding helmets and welding gloves will still be provided gratis.  Welding gloves are to be used only for welding (not for handling greasy metal).  We will be selling intro kits to get you started.  They will include a pair of work gloves, a pair of safety glasses, a pair of ear muffs, a good dust mask, a cutting wheel, and a flap wheel, plus a pretty decent steel tool box for $80.  If you are a monthly member, you can store this kit in the shop

Signing Up:

You can go online and reserve hours and tables if you have a project pass or a monthly pass.  Link is here:

You can reserve a table for however long you’d like, within the schedule, and if you need to cancel, you must cancel 24 hrs before the start of the session, or else the hours will be deducted from your punch card or monthly pass anyway.  Monthly pass hours do not accrue; they expire at the end of the month.  If you want to reserve the 4 x 8 table, that counts as two stations, tables six and seven.  Still working on how to do that one on the computer though.

Signing In and Out:

O-shoppers will be required to sign in and sign out when using the shop, to keep track of hours, usage, and inventory.


We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule, pricing, and policies to make MMW the best it can be.  Our mission is to provide you, the people of LA, with a safe, fun work environment to build community and kick-ass metal projects and to keep the shop sustainable, both financially and physically.  So anything to make that happen, we reserve the right to do.  Cool?


If O-shoppers wish to purchase material, grinding wheels, or safety gear, we can take cash, card, or checks at a minimal markup.  All material must be paid for at the end of the session (no credit and no tabs).


We’d like everyone coming to open shop be registered separately, because it’s usually quite hard for people to resist the temptation of tools and we’d prefer not to have to police who’s using what.  And whether it’s using the physical space or the instructor’s attention, additional people do use additional resources.  So all visitors, whether helping or not, should be registered separately for open shop hours.  It’s still pretty cheap.


1.  Instruction: All O-shoppers must have taken a class (or had a safety checkout) on each piece of equipment before using.  This includes hand power tools and the bench grinder.  Safety instruction shall only be done by MMW staff, so don’t try to take our jobs.

2.  Clothing: Eye protection shall be worn AT ALL TIMES in the shop.  O-shoppers and students will also be required to wear all cotton or wool long sleeves and pants with no synthetics and shoes must be closed-toe and heel, all leather or canvas shoes.  No synthetics or mesh (no melty stuff).  Long hair must be tied back.  When grinding, a face shield must be worn.  If you’re using the grinder for more than 30 seconds, take it into the grinding room.  No headphones.

3.  Hot Stuff: Treat all material on the welding tables as if it’s hot.  Do not grab anything off of your table or another table without testing the temperature of the item with the back of your hand.  We are going to be welding.  It’s going to get hot and stay hot.  Grinding, cutting, and drilling metal also can generate a lot of heat, wear gloves and test the heat of materials before picking them up.

4.  Breaking tools: All damaged tools must be reported immediately.  We do not want someone else using a compromised tool.  You may be financially responsible for replacing the tool, if usage or neglect caused the breakage.

5.  Don’t leave tools unattended: Do not leave machines running while not in use.  Wait for machines to stop spinning before walking away.

6.  Don’t use machines while distracted or impaired: Keep your mind and eyes on the task at hand and do not have conversations while using any tool.  Do not enter the shop if you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or taking any medication that may impair your ability to operate machinery safely.

7.  Use the tools how they were designed: This is not the time to improvise; use the correct tool in the way it was designed and do not remove or reposition any safety guards.

8.  Guests: Only registered members of classes and up-to-date O-Shoppers are allowed in the shop area of MMW.  Guests will be invited for open houses, but not until then.

9.  Keep work area clean: Keep material, tools, and power cords out of walkways, out from underneath falling sparks and hot metal.  Keep work tables and metal dry and clean up all spills immediately.   Please grind the table flat and brush off the work area to make the shop and space pleasant for the next O-shopper.

10. Storage: MMW is not responsible for any projects, tools, or materials left in the shop.  Storage will be provided as a convenience, but we can not be responsible for watching over everything at all times.  Materials and projects need to be labeled by their owners with name and date.  Anything left over 30 days will be recycled.

11. Oxyacetylene Welding: If you are using an oxyacetylene torch, keep the torch aimed over the table, not in any areas of traffic.  If you need more space, come back when the shop is less busy.

12. Advice and Design Considerations:  At MMW, we are not certified welders, nor structural engineers.  Any design advice is provided merely as a suggestion and a convenience.  So if you need actual design parameters, or if something your building cannot break without damage to the user, property, or others, please consult a certified welder and/or a structural engineer.  We have contacts for both.

13.  Be Responsible and Reasonable: Don’t make us have to make new rules.  We will attempt to be reasonable too, but if you fail to comply with the above rules, MMW may terminate O-Shoppers membership at the discretion of the membership, with no refunds of any portion of fees or dues paid to the date of cancellation.  MMW reserves the right to modify, amend, or supplement the rules and regulations from time to time in its sole discretion.

14.  Now go make something awesome.


Pricing and Membership Options:

Hourly: drop in, can’t make reservations, but it’s $15/hr, no expiration because there’s no contract.

Project Passes: 10 hours for $100 or 40 hours for $250, expire in 3 months and 6 months respectively.  You can make reservations online and book a table and a welder.

Monthly: Set up fee of $100, then 25 hours a month for $90, recurring monthly (actual date based on sign up date).  You can book reservations, you can keep your toolbox in the shop, and you may even get a t-shirt.  Membership will be capped at some X number of members, to be determined based on how much people use the shop.

Signing Up:

You can go online and reserve hours and tables if you have a project pass or a monthly pass.  Link is here:

You can reserve a table for however long you’d like, within the schedule, and if you need to cancel, you must cancel 24 hrs before the start of the session, or else the hours will be deducted from your punch card or monthly pass anyway.  Monthly pass hours do not accrue; they expire at the end of the month.  If you want to reserve the 4 x 8 table, that counts as two stations, tables six and seven.  Still working on how to do that one on the computer though.