Calder Mobiles


Calder Mobiles


I really like Alexander Calder’s work. It’s big and metal but it looks lightweight and moves in the breeze. Make like Calder and make some mobiles.

In this class, were going to make like Calder and make some mobiles. Either big or small, up to you, but we’ll build them big or small using a variety of hot and cold tools. There will be jigsaws for curvy cuts, jump shears for straight cuts, band saws for not-so-curvy cuts, and expert advice for short cuts.

The first three weeks will be guided exercises to introduce you into the realm of mobiles, including a presentation on Calder, the difference between tree, articulated, and petal mobiles, and some basic welding practice and tool usage.  We’ll make three mobiles and you’ll get to take home the second two (the first is just a practice one that’s not very pretty anyway).  The following two weeks, we’ll work on our own mobiles, building them up from cardboard and graph paper, starting to analyze the balances (with small peppering of math and/or counting) , and working on the balance.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make a base for you mobile, or just leave it free-hanging (though attachment to the ceiling is recommended at some point).

For lovely examples of Calder Mobiles and his other work, check out these links:
Calder Foundation
Calder Circus at the Whitney(Longer Version)
Google Image Search of Calder

Class Details: Six session class building three instructional mobiles and one personal project. Project materials for most projects under 4′ are included in the materials fee.  Instruction fee is $210, Materials and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405)  Six student max.  Note about wait lists.
Requirements: Intro MIG is recommended, but not required (though you should have some experience with power tools and be able to see decently in the dark if you skip intro MIG).  Must be 18 or older or have instructor permission.  Standard clothing.SIGN UP

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