Intro to Electronics and Motors (aka Motors and Electromechanics)

Intro to Electronics and Motors (aka Motors and Electro-mechanics)

Learn about electronics, motors, and all sorts of electro-mechanical systems in this six week class, with a project every week to teach you the basics of motors and how to control them.  Bring your sculptures, electric go-karts, or rotisserie chicken cooker to life with some training in how to motorize your life.


  • Week One and Two: Basics of DC Electronics (Heartbeat Box*)
  • Week Three: Motion Sensors, AC Chainsaws, and Halloween Control Box*
  • Week Four: AC/DC Transformers, Junk Motors, and Google
  • Week Five: Light Sensor Activated Blender Type Thing
  • Week Six: Pneumatics and Making the Gorilla Walk


Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisites for this class, but it could be considered an intermediate class (you should be comfortable with basic power tools (drill, impact driver, ratchet, screwdriver).  All students must be 18 or older.  You will be required to wear long  long pants, made of 100% cotton or wool, and all leather or canvas shoes (Vans, Converse, work boots, cowboy boots all good; ballet flats, clogs, running shoes, all bad).  No synthetic melty stuff.  No welding in this class, but we will be using soldering irons.

Class Details: 6-Session Class.  Instruction fee is $210, Consumables and shop fee is $195 (Total: $405)  Because the class will be using a bunch of high dollar motors and parts, we’re only going to be taking home three of the six projects (take home ones have an asterisk).  Class limit of six.  Note about wait lists.

Refund/Rescheduling Policy:  We hope you can make the class, but things happen.  If you need to cancel, we can refund your money 7 days ahead of the start of the class (minus a $25 registration fee).  You can reschedule the class 7 days before the start of the class as well.  There are no refunds or rescheduling within 7 days.  By not budgeting for missed classes, we can keep the prices as low as possible for everyone.

For six week classes, the first two classes cover the most critical material.  If you miss one of those, we’ll need you to make it up with a private lesson before continuing on with the class (at a discounted rate of $45/hr).  After the first two, you can make up one class for free during open shop hours when it’s slower (so not Weds or Saturdays).  After that, regular open shop rates apply.  There are no refunds after the first class of a multi-session class.

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