Patinas: Beautiful Rust

3-hr class to learn to make beautiful finishes on steel and faux finishes on everything else


 Patinas are different from a paint job because you actually induce chemical changes to the material; similar to rust, except we’re using non-corrosive patinas, so it’ll maintain its beautiful appearance for years and years. Picture your pieces as the green of the Statue of Liberty, deep maroon like an old locomotive rust, or yellow-orange like a Richard Serra corten steel piece.

Class Details:  This class happens twice a year, generally around May and October.  Cost is $45 for the instruction fee.  Kits containing many of the discussed chemicals will be available for sale for $50 each, purchasable day of class (not required).  We will primarily be using sculpt nouveau patinas, so if you want to do some research beforehand, take a look at their site here. This class will not be hands on (I’ll be doing all the demos so I can cover more ground faster).  If you’d like to bring in any samples or images of things you’re trying to figure out how to recreate, we can cover that too.

Requirements: No experience or prerequisites required.  14 or older.  Please wear closed-toe shoes, but it will not be a hands-on, so pants and non-flammable materials are not required.