Tool Rental at MMW

Rent a MIG Welder Kit from Molten Metal Works and get your home project done.  Or just practice!

Rental kit includes:
Powermig 140C (110VAC)
Autodarkening Welding Helmet
Chipping Hammer
MIG Pliers
Makita Angle Grinder (4 1/2″)
Rents either from Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday (9-noon return, 2-5 rent out).  $120 for everything for four days!  See availability in the calendar below.
Consumables and PPE are not included in the rental but will be available and you can discuss with us what we think you’ll need before you purchase, whether that’s hard grinding wheels, wire brush wheels, work or MIG gloves, size of wire etc.  
Safety/Prerequisites: Intro MIG recommended since we are not providing instruction on how to weld or grind with your rental.  

COVID Rules For Rentals: Machines will be thoroughly cleaned in between rentals.  You will be required to wear your own gloves but we will be including a helmet.  If you wish, we will also be providing helmets and gloves for sale.  Please wear a facemask when you come to pick up your rental and please wait in your car until we are ready to help you.  We will roll a table out with your gear outside so you can load directly into your car.  You must make a reservation here online for your rental and keep a credit card on file in our system until the rental is returned.  There will be more details in the contract at time of rental.

NO GAS TANKS Please note that the machine will be set for FLUX CORE WELDING, meaning that it will not require gas shield or an argon tank.  So if you’re being technical, it’s not a MIG welder (Metal Inert Gas); it’s a flux core arc welder (FCAW).  In FCAW, the filler wire contains flux that “burns” off while you weld to push all the oxygen away.  So it’s great for outdoor projects or thicker metals, but not good for thinner metals or in a garage where the fumes will build up.  Thinner meaning thinner than 1/16″.  But hey, no driving down the highway with pressurized gas cylinders!  (And no, we will not rent you a tank because I don’t want to be responsible for you driving around with a pressurized tank.)