Sculpture Intensive

(5) Day-long class referencing established steel sculptures as inspiration for an intense week of sculpture 


(If you’ve got a break from the day job, or you’ve got a week to get serious about sculpture, we’re trying something new: a five-day Sculpture Intensive that’ll run morning and afternoon each day, Mon-Fri in July. We’ll cover the oxyacetylene torch, the mig welder, the plasma cutter, and even get into some of the bending tools as needed. Main thing is that it’s YOUR TIME. Time to break away from the day to day and focus on metal, making sparks, and turning that idea in your head into solid steel. And do it all under the helpful watch of Matt Jones MFA, plus a group of other equally interested and excited students. Class Details: Mon thru Fri 8am-4pm, July 6-10, 2020. Six students max. $400 instructor fee, materials and shop fee: $520 total ($920 total) Materials for personal projects are budgeted at $80 with students responsible for overages.

Prerequisites: Intro MIG REQUIRED as a prereq to cover welding, grinding, and general shop safety. You can schedule for the Sunday the day before starting to get going all in one week (7/5/19). Schedule this Intro MIG class separately.

Participants must wear long sleeve cotton shirts and cotton pants/jeans without holes. Pants must cover the tops of your shoes. Please also wear leather or canvas shoes (zero nylon/synthetic materials on the shoes—vans, work boots, cowboy boots—all good). All safety equipment will be provided. 18 or older or instructor permission.