Long Beach Sculpture Saturdays

Long Beach Sculpture Saturdays!

An art-loving warehouse owner contacted MMW to build sculptures out of a ton of scrap metal from his facility in Long Beach.  He’s providing tools, space to work, forklift drivers, and a budget to cover materials and our instruction team.  In return, we’re making furniture and art for the warehouse. Saturdays from Jan 9 through early March.  We’re currently paused for the holidays (from Nov 22-Jan 2) and will reconvene in the new year, gearing up for a show and reception in early spring 2016.

So come out on Saturdays and we’ll drive down to Long Beach together and we’ll build some incredible stuff (I’m dreaming of a picnic table see-saw).

Saturdays, 9:30am-5pm (meet at the shop at 9:15am to carpool, leaving at 10 sharp)
Starting on Jan 9, 2016 through early March.
Learn to weld with MIG, stick, grind, plasma cut, and use an abrasive cut-off saw.
Come for three Saturdays and you can design your own piece (and we’ll help you build it).

Free, just RSVP here, so we can plan for capacity.  

-Must have taken intro to MIG with MMW so we can get you going right away: cutting, welding, etc.  Plenty more tools to show you though.
-All participants must be 18 or older.
-You must wear long sleeve 100% cotton or wool shirt and pants (no synthetic melty stuff) and all leather or canvas full-coverage shoes (work boots, cowboy boots, vans all good–running shoes with synthetic melty stuff, clogs or other not-full-coverage shoes bad). Bring reading glasses and something to tie your hair back if you need them. Other than that, I’ve got all the materials and safety gear.
-We will be welding with flux-core and stick welders which create flux fumes and welders will be required to wear a respirator while welding or grinding.   A respirator is essentially a heavier duty dust mask designed to filter out these flux fumes.   So if you have respiratory issues which would prevent you from wearing a respirator, you are advised not to weld (we have other stuff for you to do, however).
-And yes, there is galvanized and painted stuff there.  Don’t worry; I’m going down during the week with a crew to prep and clean things up for us so we can be safe.

Gallery to Get You Inspired