Quick Skills: Sheet Metal

(1) 3hr class covering the use of all the basic sheet metal tools in the shop.


A new class to quickly cover all the tools you’d need to work with sheet metal during classes, open shop, or on your own.  

Tools Covered
Jump Shear: like a giant paper cutter for metal
Pan Brake: Bends sheet metal at precise angles.  Ours can be used to make boxes or pans. 
Slip Roller: Rolls sheet metal into cylinders or arcs.
Vertical Band Saw: Cuts sheet and rod in custom cuts.
Nibbler: Funny named tool, but accurate. It nibbles the steel to make curvy cuts.
Tin Snips: Like scissors for metal. 
Jig Saw: Good for curvy cuts or straight cuts.
Drill Press: Drills holes precisely.
Spot Welder: Imagine pinching metal and then welding where you pinch it. That’s a spot welder.
Cut Off Wheel (on angle grinder): Same grinder from intro mig, but with a cutting disc. Super useful (and loud!).
Plasma Cutter: Like an electric blowtorch. Fast and effective.
Class Details: One session class (3hrs), happens 3x per year.  $60 for instruction, $10 materials, total $70.  Max of 10 students.
Requirements: Intro MIG is suggested, but not required. We will mostly be using the above tools in this class and showing how cut, form, and bend (not weld).  Age 18 and up or instructor permission. Standard welding attire.