Steel Stools: Tube Bending

make_a_stool_classSteel Stools: Tube Bending

(2) 3hr classes to learn how to use our three bending machines en route to making a stool

In this 6-hr class, we’ll cover how to use the bending machines in the shop. We’ll go through the JD squared bender to bend up some legs for a stool, use the tubing roller to roll up a ring for the footrest, and join it all together with some tube notching, some welding, and some fine sitting.

Tube bending is useful for all sorts of framebuilding, roll-cage making, and furniture making. The bends look professional and you can make something beefy or delicate depending on your turn your tubing size.

Class Details: Instruction fee is $80, materials fee is $100 (total $180). Six students max.  Standard clothing.

Requirements:Must have taken intro MIG class to cover welding and grinding technique.

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