Quick Skills: Tube Forming

(1) 3hr class to teach you the basics of tube bending and rolling.


A revised version of our tube bending class, shortened to one night to fit your busy lifestyle. In this class, we’ll cover tube bending, tube rolling, and how to notch tube. Whether you want to make furniture, sculpture, or a rack for your offroading rig, tube bending can save a ton of time over cutting and welding every joint. Plus it looks cool.

Tools Covered
Tubing Bender: Bends tube at a specific angle (like 90° or 180°)
Tubing Roller: Rolls tube into an arc or a circle
Tubing Notcher: Cuts u-shaped cuts into ends of round tubes so they fit together precisely
Digital Angle Reader: Handy little tool for making sure your bends wind up in the same plane (or z-axis bends).
Ring Roller: Rolls rods for circles or arcs (or rings).
Rod Bender: Bends rod for hairpin legs, brackets, etc.
Strap Roller: Rolls flat bar into rings.
Class Details: One 3hr class.  Eight students max.   $60 instruction, $15 materials (total $75)
Prerequisites: Intro MIG is suggested, but not required. There will be about 15 minutes of welding at the end which you’ll have to just watch if you haven’t taken Intro MIG.   Participants must wear standard welding attire. All safety equipment will be provided.  18 or older or instructor permission.